19. Dezember 2007

Blogger Award........

Today I´m writing in English ( please forgive my spelling), because I was surprisely nominated for an blogger award from a very, very inspiring lady from Finland. I should write 7 random facts about myself. It was not easy......but lets begin!!!!

My family has a special place in my heart. I love them all and I miss them soooo much since we moved so far away from them. 

My day must have 48 hours, because my head is full of inspirations, ideas, thoughts and, and, and......

I like the Dalai Lama, he is a great person. Especially his lovely smile. When I look at him I get a silent, warm feeling and I don´t know why, but his positiv aura gives me power.

In my dreams I´m drinking a good hot coffee with milk in my own little shop, with special little goodies and selfmade stuff. But first let me win the lottery jackpot!!;)

I love old vintage or retro fabrics. I have a cupbord full with different sizes, shapes and coloures. Ok yes, I´m a fabric junky and sometimes I just sit down and look at then. Wierd ha?

I can`t live without animals.  At the moment we have a lovely 8y old Husky-Mix girl, 2 black cats and an cute old grey hamster. But next year in spring my husband will build a barn for my new hens.

I love stones that been worked by the water, with holes in them. Seashells  and big old scarry trees(I wish they could tell me what they have seen in their long live)

Yes I did it and now I would like to nominate some other fantastic blogger ladies: 

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* my sister Tante Freddy
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Sanctuary hat gesagt…

This was such an interesting read. I hope your dream will come true, I'm sure it can happen! And nothing wrong with your English whatsoever!

Solange hat gesagt…

Dear Marie,

I love you blog, its beautiful. I think your pictures are inspiring and really inviting.
Yes, you can of course add me to your favourites, I saw you comments on my blog, and I answer you through this, cause I cant see you email address.

I wish you nice days ahead and a lovely christmas :-)


sexy hat gesagt…